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24 Nov 2015

(3 videos) Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Jim Boykin vs Panda & Penguin

Enjoy 3 Hilarious Videos with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Jim Boykin taking on the Penguin and the Panda! This past weekend we had the honor of hosting WWE Hall of Famer, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, at our offices in Clifton Park. A few months ago Hacksaw had done a promotional video for one of our clients…and man was he awesome in that video! I could see additional future big potential for… [Read More…]

24 Nov 2015

Social Media Smackdown with WWE’s “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

This past Sunday, Internet Marketing Ninjas stepped into the ring with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for a hard-hitting ‘Social Media Smackdown’. Through a live-streamed event that engaged fans on both Twitter and YouTube, the inaugural Royal Rumble Winner gave analysis and thoughts on the big event, answered questions from fans from all over the world, and had fun giving away prizes to those who tuned in. After… [Read More…]

23 Nov 2015

How to Monitor and Manage Comments and Likes on Instagram

Take a wander through popular accounts on Instagram. You will notice some common patterns emerging between those that are successful, and those that aren’t. No, it isn’t the number of photos (many accounts post thousands of images and barely break a dozen followers). It isn’t even the quality of pictures, either. What sets these successful accounts apart is the engagement. They have not just treated their Instagram like a mobile… [Read More…]

20 Nov 2015

Living in a Post Panda World: Weekly Forum Update

Remember Google Plus? It had a hard time catching on, and this has been a rough year for it. Well, just this week it got a fancy new style and some updated features. Can you believe it? Yeah, our communities had a hard time believing it too. In other buzz, we’ve got a great conversation between experts on WebmasterWorld to share about living in the post-Panda apocalypse. It’s no Fallout… [Read More…]

18 Nov 2015

Digital Dojo: When You’re ‘Lack Toast and Tolerant’

Recently, you’ve probably seen something that caught your eye on Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace, and quickly slapped that ‘Share’ or ‘Retweet’ icon as fast as you could. The problem is, and you may not realize it, is that most of what you’re sharing with your friends is usually boring to everyone but you. There’s only one way to fix this problem, and that’s to share more cool infographics. Here are… [Read More…]

16 Nov 2015

How to Turn an Influencer into a Loyal Member of Your Site’s Community

When you are seeking visibility for a product, brand or website, social media is a clear necessity in your tool belt. Spanning across multiple websites, formats and audiences, the way you structure your website can make all the difference in the world as to your eventual popularity. Perhaps the easiest way to make the most of social media is connecting with influencers. Think of social media as real estate, whether… [Read More…]

13 Nov 2015

Machine Learning, Manual Linking: Weekly Forum Update

After the announcement last week of RankBrain, Google’s machine learning system TensorFlow is making artificial intelligence a hot topic in our communities yet again. Elsewhere, our users are discussing the relationship between SEO and web development, the “new” wave of gTLDs and their effectiveness, and the failings of automated link building. Join one of these hot discussions today and share a conversation with our smart and friendly users! Google Releases… [Read More…]

10 Nov 2015

Internet Marketing Ninjas Tag Teaming With A WWE Hall of Famer

The 29th Annual WWE Survivor Series is on the horizon, and there’s no better way to watch than with a Legend of the Squared Circle. On Sunday, November 22nd, Internet Marketing Ninjas will be Tag Teaming with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for a fan-engaged event that will be live-streamed on IMN’s YouTube Channel, with Twitter being thrown into the action as well. While watching the big event… [Read More…]

09 Nov 2015

Social Media Etiquette: If There’s an Option, It Doesn’t Mean It’s a Good Idea

The social media has been around for a while but it doesn’t mean we all agree what is acceptable and what’s not. I’ve seen many people claiming that if there’s an option to do something, it must be acceptable. For example, “Blame Linkedin: They allow you to mass-email a connection invite to all your email contacts…” Now, as the one who once did that (i.e. mass-email all my Gmail contacts),… [Read More…]

06 Nov 2015

With Love, From Twitter: Weekly Forum Update

The biggest news in the social media sphere this week is that Twitter favs have been replaced with heart-shaped “likes.” Members of Threadwatch were quick to pick up that story – while the rest of our communities were more focused on site speed, user behavior, and Google’s antics in Europe. Don’t let yourself fall behind the times – here’s the latest from the cutting edge! Twitter Introduces Likes, Replaces Favorites… [Read More…]

04 Nov 2015

How to Rank Higher in Google

With Google Updates and SERPs changes, it’s getting harder and harder to achieve organic visibility. More and more huge brands take over short-tail competitive SERPs? What can sites with smaller budgets do? You need to become a brand Invest in creating a huge resource. Build something awesome at least monthly! Our digital assets team is brainstorming weekly so our clients get featured in publications like New York Times and Washington… [Read More…]

02 Nov 2015

6 Social Media Analytics Companies To Keep An Eye On

Social media continues to grow and adapt into a more exciting technology than ever before. While it was once a purely personal platform, the business and marketing applications are ace. Now we have entire degrees dedicated to the practice, and firms popping up all over the world promising to help brands expand on and off the web. While many offer tools to allow you to measure your own analytics, others… [Read More…]

30 Oct 2015

RankBrain and Artificial Intelligence: Weekly Forum Update

RankBrain is the big news this week. The “third most important ranking factor” kind of snuck up on everyone, so it’s natural that our communities have been trying to figure it out ever since. If you haven’t heard, RankBrain is an artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning to to process searches that people make and attempts to show pages that contain words related to, but not necessarily included in, the… [Read More…]