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31 Aug 2015

How to Build Facebook Traffic Driving FAQ #ViralChat

Last week I was hosting for the awesome team of PostPlanner. I think we’ve shared pretty awesome information there, so I created these takeaways with some actionable tips to try! Here’s what we’ve discussed (click each question for more details!) What tips can you offer to move fans from Facebook to a website or blog? How can Facebook be used to drive traffic and ultimately build an email list? What… [Read More…]

28 Aug 2015

Scraping, Negative SEO, and Shady Business: Weekly Forum Roundup

Sometimes our communities want to let their hair down and talk about the darker sides of SEO. What they are, how to recognize them, and what effect they can have on a site. This week several of our discussions focused on things like negative SEO campaigns and how they work or what to do when someone is scraping your content. We’ve also got discussions on structured data and nofollow links,… [Read More…]

25 Aug 2015

How to Promote a Blog Post on Social Media #JimAndAnn Show

Once you publish an article, your job is not done! You need to invest at least 30-40 minutes in the basic social media sharing tasks which we’ll discuss today! Do your homework: Share your blog post like a PRO Ann is sharing her social media marketing technique: Immediately after you publish a blog post, share it on social media. It’s recommended to share (not schedule first) because you’ll be able… [Read More…]

24 Aug 2015

5 Easy-to-Create Infographics Types That Work for Any Niche

Inforgraphics have become the darling of the social media world. You can’t spend more than five minutes on Pinterest without seeing an infographic being pinned to hundreds of boards per image. Blogs are able to vastly improve their traffic by providing graphics in lieu of traditional written blog posts. They are popular and reach viral status easier. Not only that, but you can re-package other content to make infographics, and… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2015

Millions of Ashley Madison Accounts Are on the Web Forever #JimAndAnn

The news broke a couple of days ago that Ashley Madison, the social media site for cheating, had been hacked and that its who database of users was released to the web. Jim Boykin and Ann Smarty are discussing of possible consequences of the hack, its impact on Internet marketing and online privacy. Ashley Madison hack is likely to be the biggest news of this year. The files include account… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2015

Reunions and Research: Weekly Forum Roundup

Welcome to another community roundup! This week Cre8asiteforums hosted an exciting staff reunion stream! Bill Slawski and Ammon Johns hosted – it’s definitely worth a watch! Meanwhile WebmasterWorld has some interesting threads about URL structure and a new FDA warning from Bing. On SEO Chat, Fathom is debunking some common “newbie” SEO teaching sites, and our Threadwatch reporters are dutifully documenting updates to Search Console and traffic rumors at Wikipedia…. [Read More…]

20 Aug 2015

How to Become Twitter Superstar: Jim & Ann Show #JimAndAnn

How do you build your following on Twitter? One of the most widely-used ways to build your following on Twitter is to mass-follow lots of people, then unfollow those who didn’t follow back and then follow more… I gained 100 new followers this week… And next week I'll loose 98 of them when I don't follow them back. — Jim Boykin (@jimboykin) June 23, 2015 While this method is really… [Read More…]

18 Aug 2015

Got a Marketing Email Like This? RUN! #JimAndAnn Show

Last week we talked about weird leads and today we’ll talk about other interesting emails we receive. We receive service pitches daily at Internet Marketing Ninjas and some of them are actually dangerous, so we’d like to discuss a few here and urge you to stay away from dealing with companies like that. Here’s the full video discussing 3 dangerous email pitches with some notes and links following below: “More… [Read More…]

17 Aug 2015

HOW TO: Let Your Readers Share Your Images on Mouseover

Visual social media updates are huge right now: You have higher chances to generate engagement to your social media update if it contains an attention-grabbing image: Major social media networks (Facebook and Google Plus) give your update a boost if there’s an uploaded image (or video) attached to it An update with a catchy image will naturally attract attention and spur an action (like, comment, share). Plus, images open up… [Read More…]

14 Aug 2015

Google (Alphabet) Shake-Ups and the Content Tsunami: Weekly Forum Roundup

Google has a new parent company, filed a patent for “watch time based rankings,” and more this week. As always, our communities were buzzing at the news. But like any good conversation, there were plenty of interesting side-discussions about Twitter, content marketing, and URL structure as well. Here’s a look at what you might have missed out on! Google Local 7-Pack is Now a 3-Pack When searching in Google, local… [Read More…]

13 Aug 2015

How Much Income Will I Get if I Rank in Top 5: From Weird Leads #JimAndAnn

Welcome to this week’s edition of our “weird leads” series where we discuss some of the funny leads we are receiving here at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Please watch the two previous ones: Acquire 300-400 Good-Quality Links Guaranteed Rankings + PR7 Links Here’s another one: The Lead: …can you tell me approximately how much income I will get for best gaming mouse keyword, if i will rank in top 5 results??… [Read More…]

11 Aug 2015

Domain Authority (DA)? Toxic Links? Never Trust the Numbers! #JimAndAnn

Google PageRank bar has been worthless for years and there are a few other companies that are indexing the web to give us the valuable information on backlinks (thank you so much!). They are also trying to come up with their own scores of each link they index. The biggest players are Moz, Majestic and aHrefs We love the tools and applaud them all for trying to come up with… [Read More…]

10 Aug 2015

How to Repackage Webinars Into Lots of Awesome Content

Webinars are an excellent way to connect with users, directly engage, promote services, generate leads, and build authority. A single webinar can provide benefits for years to come. There is no doubt that webinars are incredible resources. But they don’t end at the webinar itself. You can repackage that content into new content, which will stretch even further. As you may know, I am big fan of repackaging and writing… [Read More…]