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02 Oct 2015

Thoughts on Sustainable Content, Marketing, and More: Weekly Forum Update

This week in the Developer Shed Network, our users are tackling “content factories” and brainstorming ways to distribute and market content to the right people. Additionally, we’ve got news from WebmasterWorld and Threadwatch about Google’s “First Click Free” policy, Microsoft’s partnership with Baidu, the 3-Pack Snack Pack, and more. Grab a mug of cocoa and dive in! These are all fresh discussions, so if you want to join the conversation… [Read More…]

29 Sep 2015

How to Use Twitter Videos

Twitter Video has been around for a while now. But it is still shockingly underutilized, probably because nobody is quite sure of how to best take advantage of it. Can such a casual feature really be applied to a strong social business strategy? Branding has changed a lot in the past decade. The Internet – and social media in particular – have made adapting to a new kind of audience… [Read More…]

28 Sep 2015

Authorship and Author Rank: HUGE Signal Most People are Missing

Ever since Google has closed its Google Plus authorship program, you might have had “Authorship is dead” sentiment all over the place. The truth is, that was an absolutely different type of authorship than what we are going to talk today. Google Plus authorship has never been a ranking signal while mapping authors and figuring authorship and influence signals has been on Google’s agenda for ages. Authorship = All kinds… [Read More…]

25 Sep 2015

Page Speed Tips, Hashtags on Facebook, and News: Weekly Forum Update

Welcome back to another weekly SEO roundup from the Developer Shed Network! The old adage that “when it rains, it pours,” came true this week – we’ve got a ton of news and great discussion to share with you. On SEO Chat, our users have been talking about page speed and how to hide backlinks. We’ve got news from Facebook, Google, and Bing on WebmasterWorld and Threadwatch, too. And on… [Read More…]

23 Sep 2015

Impressive! This is How Much Exposure You Can Achieve by Creating Great Content

To encourage our Digital Asset team who work hard to build the highest-value content and bring lots trust and brand signals to our clients, we are excited to invite two of them to “Jim and Ann show” and let them share their success stories. We hope that these impressive numbers and results will inspire you to create something awesome for your site! Here are some of the numbers we shared… [Read More…]

21 Sep 2015

3 More Efficient & Time-Saving Youtube Search Tools Than Youtube

Youtube stores lots of valuable information. I find myself searching Youtube more and more often. It’s an awesome way to enhance your research, check your competitors’ visual tactics and even manage your own product reputation. For some reason, Youtube own search engine has always been somewhat lacking and white it has nice filters and supports handy search operators, it’s not quite usable. Here are three tools to make more of… [Read More…]

18 Sep 2015

Instant Articles, Video SEO, and Clickbait: Weekly Forum Update

This week the communities have an eclectic bevy of topics that they’ve been discussing. From the benefits of bad reviews on Yelp to the difference between mobile and responsive, to a retrospective on Yahoo directory, you can always count on the communities to find something new and exciting to talk about. Let’s dive right in! Clickbait Headline Writing Even though they’re widely derided for the practice, it’s not just Buzzfeed… [Read More…]

17 Sep 2015

How to Optimize Title Tags for Higher Rankings and Better Click-Through #JimAndAnn

Title tag is the most important element of your web page: It helps you rank higher, it can improve your click through, it can catch an eye and get people share your page on social media. Title Tag Optimization Tips Google will only display ~70 characters (512 pixels) within search results. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it longer The best practice is to include your main keyword… [Read More…]

14 Sep 2015

How to Add Estimated Reading Time to Your Blog

There’s a great article on how you can improve your content engagement by showing the estimated reading time of your article. Basically, the phenomenon is explained by New Yorker back in 2013: The more we know about something – including precisely how much time it will consume – the greater the chance we will commit to it. Here are some evidence from those who tried that: David Michael Ross says… [Read More…]

11 Sep 2015

From Google to Gigo, New Advertising Opportunities, and Keyword Use: Weekly Forum Roundup

Our communities were critical of Google this week in several threads on SEO Chat and Cre8asiteforums. They’ve been reflecting on personalized search, the “perspective bubble,” and the all-consuming nature of desktop searching. There’s also news and discussion from WebmasterWorld about new advertising opportunities with Instagram and Facebook. Finally, remember Mobilegeddon? Some users on SEO Chat are reassessing the damage and what the consequences are for not being mobile friendly. But… [Read More…]

10 Sep 2015

Ashley Madison Names: Reputation Management – Steps to Take #JimAndAnn

A couple of weeks ago the whole database of Ashley Madison, the well-known cheating website, got hacked and lots of its users’ personal data became public. Whether you were active on the site or just registered out of curiosity, your name may be in that database and that means it will eventually be published online in various forms and publications. It’s only the matter of time before one of these… [Read More…]

08 Sep 2015

4 Tools to Find Trending Subreddits

Reddit is the content marketer’s goldmine: It inspires viral content, shows you what people seem to love sharing and offers a great venue to market content to get it discovered by journalists and bloggers. Building up your Reddit presence is tough: There are no shortcuts and Reddit Karma is fast to lose and time-consuming to establish. Participating in trending Subreddits allows you to easier interact and better understand what’s hot… [Read More…]

04 Sep 2015

Google’s Got More Than Just a New Logo This Week – Weekly Forum Roundup

Besides a new logo and theme, there were some other interesting revelations about Google this week that have our communities all a-flutter. They came down against “the wrong type” of app interstitials, saying that some can get you penalized. Their San Francisco Bay test of Google Home Service Ads was also expanded to include new services, and Glenn Gabe has a fascinating study about what happens when you lose your… [Read More…]